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PT on Demand’s mission is to improve quality of life by treating physical impairments such as pain, movement disorders, or musculoskeletal conditions by providing instant access to a telemedicine visit and delivering a customized video based physical therapy regimen. Each visit the patient will be 1on1 with a physical therapist, and will receive a diagnosis, a physical rehabilitation regimen with videos, and any patient education requirements or questions.

Movement Matters

Physical Therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat physical disabilities and musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders. It also has less side effects, better outcomes, and longer lasting results when compared to pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. Each year, 50% of Americans over the age of 18 develop a MSK injury that lasts longer than three months. That’s 108 million people! PT on demand empowers patients by improving quality of life through physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise.

Proactive Healthcare

PTOD was started on the idea that proactive healthcare should be brought back into the patient’s hands. The idea was founded upon basic treatment principles in rehabilitation and exercise science. It has been proven that the most active patients recover quicker and responded better to treatment.  We operate on the principle that the body in many cases is able to heal itself with the right prescription and dosage of exercise. Through the latest technology and easy to follow videos, we are able to give every client a personalized regimen.

Our Story

PT On Demand (PToD) was born from a conversation between a Physical Therapist (Yves Gege) and a Computer Engineer (Michael Howard). Yves and Michael wanted to change the landscape of PT and make it available to everyone. They wanted to develop an affordable way for health professionals to treat injuries, promote health, wellness, and function while ultimately improving quality of life. This idea evolved into a telemedicine software platform where patients and PTs can connect instantly and with ease. PToD delivers instant access to a telemedicine visit and provides patients with a video based rehabilitative exercise regimen. This service caters to all shapes and sizes including athletes that want to improve their performance and desk jockeys who wants to alleviate low back pain. Through years of experience, they have developed a platform that will deliver all these services straight to your smart device or computer.

  • Heal Faster 50%
  • Lower Health Costs 80%
  • Improve Performance 80%
  • Quality of Life 100%
Yves Gege

Yves Gege

CEO, Co-Founder

Yves Gege was born and raised in Charleston, SC, with both of his parents coming to the US byway of Switzerland. A healthy mix of Southern exposure, meets genuine European tradition. He grew up playing sports; mostly soccer. Having dealt with a multitude of destructive knee injuries in high school and college, Yves turned his frustration into passion, and redirected his energy (and career goals) into Physical Therapy (PT). But his true inspiration came from his younger sister, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She required a lifetime of physical therapy. Yves had a front row view of the impact physical therapy could have on a patient, as well as a therapist. It has been since then, his mission to help others become healthier, stronger, and (more) active. Yves’ fundamental belief is that anything can be achieved through the right medical care, movement practice, and lifestyle changes. As CEO of PToD, Yves brings the highest standards of cutting edge PT practice and values to the team.

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

COO, Co-Founder

Michael Howard, grew up an athlete in the midwest, Michigan area. His focus was soccer, which he continued to play when he relocated to the south (Beaufort, SC) as a teenager and into his college years. Go Gamecocks! Not having the necessary “tools” at the time, to self-diagnose minor bumps and injuries along the way, as an adult he found himself fascinated with the diagnoses his Physical Therapists could provide. They spoke a language he understood – movement. Michael has held many roles in the IT industry, including the Chief Engineer in the Department of Defense, Vice President / CTO of a Defense System Integrator, and Product Marketing and Technical Sales Manager for a leading edge startup. As COO, Mike brings a wealth of technical and product marketing knowledge to the PToD team; keeping the gears moving behind the scenes!